About Me

"Early on I realized fitness was a true passion of mine and not just a hobby. Helping people reach their fitness goals and producing transformational results is one of the greatest feelings ever. My burning passion for fitness is what makes me confident in my role as a trainer and motivator. It gives me the drive to go above and beyond to help people transform their lives physically and mentally."



Like most 15 year olds, I started lifting with one motive: to impress girls. At the time, I was what you would call “skinny fat”, I was skinny but still had flab on my stomach. I had an advantage though, I could eat whatever I wanted and not get fat, but I had trouble putting on muscle. I thought I could maybe turn my belly fat into muscle by lifting weights. I noticed immediate results, as any new lifter would in the first couple of months, however I was just getting bulkier with more body fat. I realized that I had to take my nutrition and training a bit more seriously to reduce my body fat and lean down. After years of consistency following a strict schedule, counting every calorie, I noticed that I wasn’t reaching the muscle gain I had hoped for following the advice of the top fitness experts at the time.

To further my knowledge on health and fitness, I decided to get my personal trainer certification and supplemented my studies with additional research on the human body. With a new awareness on what is achievable through a natural lifting routine, I quickly realized that these so called fitness experts of the internet were using steroids.

Not only were these guys not natural, but their advice wasn’t sustainable, in other words not something you can stick with and be satisfied. Eating 6 meals a day, lifting 7 days a week, avoiding going out with friends in fear that drinking or eating out would ruin my gym efforts. This way of life took a toll on my social life, ability to enjoy various foods, and wasn’t good for my mind. I was exhausted and felt unfulfilled, thinking to myself there has to be another way to approach nutrition and lifting without sacrificing an enjoyable lifestyle.

After years of research and personal experimentation, I soon discovered how to live my life without obsessing about the gym while still producing insane results. I wanted to see if similar results could be attained by others. Thankfully, my experience as a personal trainer gave me the ability to apply my newfound fitness knowledge in the real-world on real people. Not surprisingly, I noticed equal results from my friends, family and clients, then I knew I was on to something. The so called “fitness experts” of the internet make the gym and nutrition seem more complicated than it actually is. Fitness should be a tool you use to improve your lifestyle, not be the center of it.


Different Mindset

Early on I realized I see life through a different lens compared to everybody else. I enjoyed breaking rules, using alternative methods for different things, aiming for big goals, facing obstacles with optimism, and always being competitive in everything. Growing up, people always asked me typical questions like what I wanted to be when I grew up, where I see myself in 10 years, etc. I had no clear answer, I just knew I wanted to be in complete control of my life at all times.

With these principles in mind, I’ve decided to focus on designing a lifestyle that embodies my main objective: to create inspiring content that transforms lives physically, mentally, and helps people become the best versions of themselves. I’m in a constant pursuit of becoming the greatest version of myself. This is why I wake up pumped every day motivated with energy. I know I have an insane amount of potential and am completely obsessed with going after it, surpassing my limits. I won’t stop working towards my goals and that's what I’m in love with: the journey.